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Fund development policies

  • The acceptance of a donation, contribution, gift, or sponsorship will do no harm to FLCC or FLCC Foundation, existing programs, projects, finances, relationships or property.
  • Recognition, activation, sponsorships and all items relating to donor/sponsor activity must be coordinated in advance with the Director of Development or their designate.
  • The sponsor will fully disclose all existing ownership, partnership, subsidiary and sponsorship relationship to FLCCF prior to the execution of a property sponsorship agreement with FLCCF.
  • Contribution agreements, pledges, gift agreements, sponsorships and all items relating to such activity will be recorded in writing and retained in the office of the Director of Development.
  • Contributions, gifts, and sponsorships will be administered, valued and recognized in accordance with current CRA policies, guidelines, and regulations.
  • FLCCF will not enter into agreements, sponsorships or partnerships that are contrary to the mission and vision of the Foundation.
  • Direct access to residents, staff and FLCC professionals is as a general rule prohibited, however under special circumstances and within the policies, guidelines, and regulations of FLCC, the Alberta Privacy Commission and any other relevant government agency, contributors, donors and sponsors may be granted the right to access certain defined groups within the FLCC Community.
  • Contact with the FLCC audience as noted above, when granted by FLCC by mail, electronic, digital, sign, broadcast or any other medium, will be managed and facilitated by FLCC.
  • Anything resulting from direct access to the residents, staff and professionals will not be used by the donor, contributor or sponsor without written consent from FLCC Foundation and if deemed necessary by FLCC, signed release forms from the subject.
  • The acceptance of any gift, contribution, or sponsorship will not result in loss of revenue, value, reputation, or standing of FLCC and FLCCF.

Protecting Privacy

Father Lacombe Care Centre Foundation does not sell or share donor lists. All personal information provided to us is securely retained and protected in compliance with our formal information protection policies. Father Lacombe Care Centre also adheres to the Donor Bill of Rights developed in part by the Association for Healthcare Philanthropy and the Association of Fundraising Professionals. These rights include the opportunity to be informed of the way we intend to use the donation, and to be assured the donation will be used for the purposes for which it was given. Donors also have the right at any time to have their names removed from our lists by request. The Information Privacy policies of Father Lacombe Care Centre can be accessed by contacting our Information Privacy Officer at 403-254-6284.

* FLCCF May reserve the right to decline gifts that may not meet the needs of FLCCF or its residents.

Planned giving options

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