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“Acknowledging that it was time to place our mother and our wife in a facility was a difficult decision, but the process was made easier because of the wonderful caring staff of Father Lacombe’s East Wing. Thank you to all for providing (her) with such a warm and caring environment.” - The H. Family

“Your dedication, teamwork, humour, patience, and gentleness move me always. You keep my mother happy and well with all the other people on the West Wing…We could not be happier with the care my mother receives on a daily basis from everyone there. A big hug to you all…” - Shirley-Ann

“My husband has been there since the end of Oct/03 and I have been so impressed with the kind and caring attitude everyone possesses. I realize what a difficult task caring for dementia patients is and I am constantly astonished with how they call each one by name and touch them in passing.” - Patricia

“We are amazed and delighted that in the short time Claud was with you, you warmly welcomed him and lovingly cared for him. Without exception, you all offered him and us the support we needed for his final journey. Thank you all.” - The S. and W. Families

“Much appreciation and gratitude for all the love and care you extended to my mother in her last years! Thank you for the hugs, the smiles, your compassion, your approval, the hugs…we will always cherish your kindness in thoughts and deeds.” - Brenda

“I received the phone call today that my much loved Grampa has finally found his peace, and I wanted to somehow express my thanks for the wonderful care and comfort that he was provided during his time with you. It’s been so difficult for his family here on Vancouver Island to not have been there…Your genuine care, concern and affection for my grandparents has been appreciated more than a simple email can express." - Susan

“Though I’ll miss her, I feel at peace knowing that she was loved and taken care of so well by all of you.” - Barb

“My heartfelt thank you goes out to all the staff of FLH, nurses and caregivers of East Wing, Pastoral Care, Sisters, all who provided outstanding and compassionate care to my mother during her years at FLH and especially during her final days. You are truly angels of mercy.” - Mary

“I felt comfortable leaving my son in your hands.” - Grace

“We sincerely want to thank you for the relentless care, the unconditional love and humour you all demonstrated toward our mother…Please accept our grateful thanks.” - The M. and D. Families

“It was very touching to see the heartfelt concern you all showed my dad, my mom and myself during this time. I aspire to be as good at my own job as you all are at yours.” - Sherry

“Mom spent just over nine years in your fine facility and she was always well looked after and received many personal attentions." - John & Betty Jean

“Thank you all so much for the care you have given and the kindness you have shown to our father. We are sure that Father Lacombe was the right place for dad in his final years…It was a privilege to witness your compassion on many occasions.” - The Q. Family

“We have been much impressed by your steady patience in the face of heavy workloads, unpatronizing good will towards Mom and your immediate reaction to family concerns. Yours is such a remarkably difficult job yet you do it so well. You should all be very proud…Please know that you have our heartfelt admiration and thanks” - The H. Family

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