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Ways to Donate

Every gift is truly unique and received by the Foundation with much gratitude. Today, every donor has a variety of giving options and choices. Our Foundation staff would be delighted to discuss with you; a personalized giving strategy to ensure your gift truly makes a difference in the way it was intended. Please contact our Foundation staff by phone or email.

After reviewing the receipting guidelines and ways to donate, please download and print the pledge form on the right side of the page.

You Decide How:

  • Direct cash donations can be made by cheque, debit, Visa and MasterCard. These can include a pledge over time commonly 3 - 5 years
  • Gifts of publically listed Securities / Shares (your personal financial advisor can help you - there are many personal tax advantages available for this type of gift) given to FLCCF may include stocks, bonds, bills, and mutual funds. There is no capital gains tax on securities given directly to charities and you receive a tax receipt for the fair market value of the gift
  • Contribute to the area most in need or designate your gift to a specific project by contacting our Development Office directly
  • Planned Giving requires specific and sometimes detailed conversation with your financial planner or advisor, gifts may include: bequests, charitable trusts, GIK, registered assets, shares, life insurance policy, FLCCF staff would be pleased to help - just call our office
  • Gifts in Kind (GIK) requires specific details to conform to Revenue Canada rules - please contact our office
  • Volunteer and employee incentive programs along with company matched gifts
  • Leave a gift in your will and or estate plan

We are a registered charitable organization authorized to provide donor receipts for income tax purposes, in accordance with Canada Revenue Agency rules.

Father Lacombe Care Centre Foundation Charitable Business Registration Number # 85529-7867-RR0001

Receipting Guidelines

Charitable donation receipts are issued in accordance with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) guidelines. The following descriptions, although not inclusive, attempt to deal with the most commonly asked tax receipting questions.

General Rules:

A charitable donation receipt CAN only be issued to the issuer of the cheque

  • Unless the cheque issuer acts as an agent for collecting and remitting donations from various persons/parties (i.e. an employer of an employee fundraising initiative) Donation receipts can be issued to the persons/parties provided that the nature of the monies can be receipted and a complete and legible list of donor information (donor name, address, and postal code) is provided to the Foundation.
  • A donation receipt cannot be issued in another name (i.e. on behalf of someone).

**A charitable donation receipt CAN be issued for a GIFT IN KIND**

  • Gifts in kind include but are not limited to capital property: depreciable property, personal-use property, shares and inventory of a business. A gift in kind does not include a gift of services.
  • A donation receipt may be issued for the fair market value (FMV) of the property/goods on the date it is received.
  • If the item is new and has been recently purchased, a receipt or invoice is adequate proof of FMV.
  • All property with a fair market value >$1,000 must be valued by a qualified appraiser independent of the donor and the Foundation.
  • To receive a donation receipt for a gift of inventory the Foundation requires an invoice. Most businesses prefer to claim the donation of inventory as a business expense.

**A charitable donation receipt CANNOT be issued for SERVICES**

  • Services include professional, business and personal services. Examples of services are legal, accounting, recreation, entertainment, transportation, dining.
  • Services may be paid by the Foundation, and later the Foundation may accept the voluntary return of all or part of the payment as a donation. This process is known as a "cheque exchange". The donor declares payment for services as taxable income and receives a charitable donation receipt for the same amount.

**A charitable donation receipt CANNOT be issued for SPONSORSHIPS**

  • Where a business gives cash or merchandise to the Foundation, and receives a material business advantage such as promotional or advertising services, the business has not made a gift according the CRA and the Foundation cannot issue a charitable donation receipt.
  • In these circumstances, the business can usually claim the cash payment or value of the merchandise as a business expense.

**A charitable donation receipt CANNOT be issued for a LOTTERY TICKET**

  • No part of the cost of a lottery ticket is considered a gift because the ticket offers the purchaser a chance to win prizes.
Architect's rendering of the exterior of the Providence Care Centre - expected completion, Spring 2015

Providence Care Centre renderings

Interior architect's rendering of the Providence Care Centre with expansive interior with libraries, lounges and other areas to foster community and inclusion.

Libraries, lounges and a bistro encourage development of social support networks.

Resident's Room

Studio rooms will be located in clusters – or small neighbourhoods within the facility.

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