When admitted into long term care or supportive living, it usually comes at a time of change. Perhaps it is a lack of mobility, the ongoing need of medical assistance or a general reduction in ability of tasks for daily living.

At Father Lacombe and Providence Care Centres there is access to specialized equipment that helps to keep bodies moving.  As we age, we don’t move as well as we used to.  Thanks to an amazing team of staff, they support residents to maintain their dignity and independence.

Equipment funding provides:

Wheelchair Accessible Tables -

The heart of the home is often the kitchen.  We gather there and take our meals there.  We tell stories of the past, catch up on the gossip of the day and share our dreams for tomorrow.  At both Father Lacombe and Providence Care Centres, we strive to create as much of a home like feeling as we can for all our residents, no matter what their abilities are.  With the increasing number of residents’ dependent on wheelchairs for their mobility and safety we have a need to furnish our dining rooms with tables that will adjust to accommodate the arms of a wheelchair making it easier to pull in close to the table. With the ability to adjust the height of a portion of the table, the resident regains the ability to comfortably reach for utensils and their napkin.  It places them in a much better position to be able to maintain their independence and feed themselves.  These tables bring immeasurable dignity to those who are able to regain their ability to be independent and enjoy dining with others seated around the table – just like at home.

Specialized equipment for the Occupational and Therapeutic Departments - READ MORE...
  • Lifts & Slings

If your legs can’t bare your wait, how do you get out of bed in the morning to get on with your day?  From lifts that help a resident go from sitting to standing, to lifts that raise the resident from their bed and safely move them to their wheelchair they help to maintain safe mobility.  These vital pieces of equipment help the residents get up and leave their rooms to enjoy their day.

  • Beds & Specialized Mattresses

As we age, our skin become more fragile and will breakdown easily.  Imagine being confined to a bed.  Staff turn residents on a regular basis to help avoid the breakdown of the skin, however it doesn’t prevent all the sores, especially for those who are palliative.  Pressure points can be reduced and prevented with the use of a specialized mattresses creating comfort, reducing the pain and speeding up recovery.

  • Resident room furniture

With general wear, furniture starts to look old and in need of replacement.  Add to the general wear and tear, the continual drive by of a rogue wheelchair, the constant opening and closing of drawers, drapes that have been washed a few too many times, a room and its furniture become less inviting and not as functional.  

We are working to update and upgrade resident rooms by replacing flooring and lighting, painting and adding new furnishings to make it feel more homelike.  When moving in, residents are encouraged to bring in artwork and family photos, a special bed spread and other personal belongings that are meaningful.  This is what will make a resident feel at home.

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