Quality of Life Programs

These are Programs that keep brains active, promote physical activities and gives life purpose

Activity and engagement are extremely important to keep our brains active and working.  Until recently, our residents lived independently in their own homes – it’s hard to give up that part of your life and adapt to a new environment with its own routines.

Our residents look forward to the many activities, exercise programs, and outings provided with the help of your donations.  We are able to provide entertainment, go on bus outings, specialized music therapy, and physical activities.  

Residents who are able to enjoy these activities have:

  • Improved physical health, which helps reduce injury and fall-related injuries improving mobility, joint flexibility, agility and balance to name a few.
  • Improved cognitive function and emotional well being as well as many positive outcomes including increased mental alertness, improved organizational skills and increased self-esteem.
  • Improved socialization – many seniors are faced with feelings of frustration, anxiety, depression, loneliness and isolation.  By providing these activities and outings, we are providing our residents with hope and companionship, something to look forward to and help develop the ability to self-advocacy.

Music Therapy

Research has shown that the power of music has the ability to open minds, memories, and awaken the being, especially impacting those with dementia and complex behaviors.

Resident’s Bus Maintenance

We are so happy to finally have our new bus!  We can’t wait to get it out  on the road to take residents on excursions and adventures.  It might be a trip to Spruce Meadows, a drive to Bragg Creek for pizza and ice cream, a trip to the shopping mall or farmers market to name a few.


Providing amusements and enjoyment such as singing, dancing and parties – even armchair socials, BBQ’s, movie nights is an integral part of stimulation for our residents.  Booking in an Elvis impersonator, a line dancing group or a band etc. brings delight!

Recreational, Therapeutic and Occupational Activities

Establishing a yearly gardening program in many of our outdoor gardens.  Getting a head start on spring bulbs brings new hope for a new season, and creating an atmosphere of beauty!


Having weekly bingo, group exercise classes, games day provide enjoyment.

Providing materials for arts and craft activities, music sheets for sing alongs, baking materials for those extra special delights add to the quality of our resident’s lives.

One to One specialized activities, especially during this past Covid year, have provided and promoted socialization, reducing isolation.

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